Best Seven Foods to Shrink Fibroid Without Surgery

Best Seven Foods to Shrink Fibroid Without Surgery: Fibroids are tumors that develop from muscle layers of the womb in females. They are benign in nature, meaning they are non carcinogenic.

Fibroids are also termed Uterine Fibroids, lelomyomas or myomas.

top 7 foods to shrink fibroidsThe size of fibroids is not specific, these tumors can be as small and minuscule as the size of a bean whle others may be as big as a melon!

They are the most observed tumors in the reproductive systems of females.

There are several agents that cause fibroids in females: women are prone to fibroid during their reproductive years when estrogen and progesterone levels are at their peak.

Heredity may also be a factor: women whose mothers or grandmothers have had fibroids may also be prone.

Best 7 Foods to Shrink Fibroids Naturally

More than often, those who suffer from Fibroid resort to surgical means to eradicate these abnormalities, however there are far more subtle ways in which they can be treated.

Here are 7 best foods that have been researched to shrink fibroid.

1.) Fruits and vegetables

Ever heard the saying ‘If its green it’s healthy’? You might have. You can never go wrong with fruits and veggies. These guys pack a high amount of disease and inflammation fighting nutrients which help improve appetite and also help keep weight in check.

Inflammation and excess weight renders the body susceptible to fibroid, so consumption of fruits and veggies helps keep them in check.

2.) Soy and flaxseeds

Soy and flaxseeds contain phytoestrogens .  Phytooestrogens significantly lower the risk of fibroid growth by blocking the estrogen receptors on fibroid cells.

Flaxseeds on the other hand contain fiber and omega- 3 fats which help hinder and fight against tumor growth.

3.) Unprocessed grains

Processed starchy foods such as white rice and bread boost the production of Insulin in the body. Insulin in turns affects the metabolization of estrogens. This results in the body being susceptible to fibroid.

Unprocessed grains however are very rich in antioxidants and fiber (Compared to their processed counterparts) these properties help improve uterine health and protects the body from fibroid growth and manifestation using herbs.

4.) Beans

Legumes such as beans are excellent sources of fiber and such they are very effective in weight control.

As plant based-proteins sources, beans provide nutritious alternatives to fatty acids which promote inflammation.

5.) Low fat dairy products

According to researches, fibroids are more prevalent in black women than white women. This uneven ratio is believed to be due to the fact that White women include a large amount of dairy products in their diet compared to black women.

Incorporation of dairy products into diet is believed to help fight and prevent fibroid. You should also try baba ramdev yoga to eliminate fibroid.

6.) Whole Foods

Whole foods are great fibroid fighters.

Whole foods which contain high amounts of lignin and antiestrogenic compounds like rye, millet, corn and rice are excellent in combating fibroid manifestation.

7.) Water

Water is a basic necessity of life. Without water, life as we know it will not exist. Water is beneficial for flushing impurities and harmful substances that reside in the human system. According to researches water also helps reduce fibroid related pains.

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