Usage of Castor Oil Packs for Fibroids Removal

Castor oil is vegetable oil that is obtained by pressing the seed of castor oil plant. You can use that to eliminate fibroid naturally without any surgery.

Castor oil is generally recognized as safe and effective. It is one of the most used natural remedies for fibroids related diseases.

Why is Castor Oil packs best to remove Fibroid?

The most common fatty acid found in this oil is ricinoleic acid. This acid is reason for the health benefits of castor oil. This cure was popularized by many natural healers in form of castor oil packs. When used properly castor oil packs have anti-inflammatory effect that causes fibroids to shrink.

It has the ability of penetrating skin and relaxing smooth muscle so it penetrates through to the uterus.  It is placed on skin because it helps improve circulation in pelvic region. It also stimulates liver to eliminate toxins, reduces inflammation, relieves pain and improves lymphatic circulation. Good circulation in the pelvic region allows all the nutrients to reach the cells. It also helps all the toxins and inflammatory factors to be eliminated.

Castor oil pack when placed over the liver area helps function of this organ. Liver is important organ in removing toxins and excessive hormones from your body. It helps elimination of estrogen that has the most important role in developing fibroids and worsening of this condition. You can use Fibroid Miracle book to remove fibroid naturally.

How to use Castor Oil Effectively?

Castor oil packs are recommended to get rid of Fibroid because they allow castor oil to be absorbed through skin.  You should find organic cold pressed castor oil because it is free of pesticides.

Then you need a heating pad or a bottle of hot water because heat helps castor oil penetrate through skin more efficiently.  You will also need a plastic wrap, cotton flannel large enough to cover the abdomen and a towel. Fold the flannel in thirds or use three separate pieces, then soak the flannel in castor oil.

Lie down with your face up and with your feet elevated with a pillow underneath your knees and feet.

Place the flannel over the affected area and then cover it with plastic wrap. Place the heating pad or hot water bottle on top of the plastic wrap.

If you want to insulate the heat cover the pad or bottle with a towel. Leave the castor oil packs for 45 to 60 minutes and after that remove it and wash your skin.

You can reuse this pack by storing it in a zip-lock bag. When it starts changing color you should discard it. Use this pack for four consecutive days each week for a month. After a month of use you can evaluate effectiveness.

Special Care for Using Castor Oil to Shrink Fibroid?

Before using castor oil pack to remove uterus fibroid, perform a patch test to make sure that you are not allergic to castor oil. Use packs for a month because it is enough time that allows you to evaluate its effectiveness and decide whether you`ll continue this treatment. Avoid using castor oil packs if you are trying to get pregnant or if you are on your menstrual cycle. Avoid activity after applying castor oil pack which is why it is best to use it before going to bed.

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  1. I had a surgery before and Started using castor oil pack to heal my two intra fibriods. The biggest is 6cm . Will this remedy cure the type of fibroid I am having. I also want to children, will this remedy assist

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